Tips in Fire Prevention and Preparedness

One of the most basic precautions you can take to prevent a fire is invest in smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are your first line of defense to fires that start in unoccupied areas of your home. They should be tested once a month and replaced every ten years. And, luckily, they are a short trip to your local Norby's location away! Stop by today to ensure the safety of yourself and your family if you don't yet have an alarm.

Once you have a smoke alarm, you should then assess your home for risks. For example, if you own a space heater, you should not place anything flammable within 3 feet of it. Space heaters, although very warm and convenient, can pose a very real threat of a fire if not positioned or maintained properly. They should not be left to sit unattended for any period of time, so if you leave a room or go to sleep, you should turn off your space heater first. Other risks include crowded fireplaces, active power outlets that are right next to furniture, and flammable materials being near a stovetop.

Next, meet with your family to devise an escape plan in the event of a fire. Consider windows and doors when creating this plan. Practice, practice, practice! You should practice your escape plan at least twice a year to be prepared for anything. If climbing out of a window seems daunting to you, this practice with the help of others should help you out.

Finally, you should purchase at least one fire extinguisher for your house, which is a product we also carry! If you encounter a fire that is small and contained, an extinguisher can be used to fight it. However, you should always call the fire department before you try to fight the fire yourself. You never know when the fire could find some unexpected kindling and suddenly begin to spread rapidly. You should also let the fire department train you in how to properly use your fire extinguisher prior to using it.

Stop in and pick up an extinguisher for your home at your local Norby's location!